Saturday, January 2, 2016

Guest Post| A Year of Art

Madison of Gyrfalcon Studios, who has been on this blog numerous times challenged me to a cool 2016 resolution and asked if I was interested in sharing it (which was an absolute yes!). Thanks again Madison!

A Year Of Art

Hi and happy New Year from Gyrfalcon Studios!

I have made several resolutions this year but the one I want to share with is art related. Sometimes when I'm at college, it is hard to make my own art. I just do the projects assigned to me and that causes a minor burnout. So this year I'm challenging myself to create at least one piece of art for myself each month. And I'm inviting you to join me!

Each month has a theme. Where you take the theme is up to you:

January - The Ancient World
February - Dreamlike
March - New Life
April - Growth
May - Animals
June - Mythology
July - Feathers
August - The Future
September - Knowledge
October - Remembrance
November - The Modern World
December - Winter

Every month I will post a brief introduction to the theme and some examples that I feel fit the theme (or in the case of January, some art from the cultures being explored). These pieces can be created in any medium, from colored pencil to text. I will be posting my in-progress and finished pieces on here and on instagram using the hashtag #GFSYearofArt. If you participate and post your piece on instagram tag me @gyrfalconstudios and/or use #GFSYearofArt so I can see what you've created! I may even repost my favorites.

Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome...these the first few names that popped into my head when I think of the ancient world. These civilizations have a rich history and culture (I'm personally partial to the myths of these civilizations). Most have also produced a rich collection of art pieces that can be seen in museums around the world.

Some examples of art from these cultures -




Some ideas to inspire you:
  • Create a model/drawing of a building based on Greek and/or Roman architecture
  • Illustrate a myth
  • Create your own cuneiform seal
  • Create your own hieroglyphic tablet 
Read some myths, look at some art, learn some new historical facts and then create your piece! The sky is really the limit.

If you need some more inspiration check out my Pinterest board Art Inspiration 

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