Monday, January 18, 2016

Done! Well Almost.

The western saddle is 99% done. I need to do some things to the stirrups but the saddle-saddle is done. A girth and a bridle needs made but first I need to figure out who will wear it.
I'm *very* happy with how this came out. I feel like my tooling has come a long way since last year's Harry Potter saddle!  
It snowed last week. It lasted overnight before melting away. But there was enough for me to have it in a picture. This is what I've been reading. The 5th Wave. Well, other than textbooks. I've started it off and on since high school (I found a valentine's day chocolate and flower buying form inside it!). Since the movie is coming out I have a deadline to meet and maybe it will be the final push for me to finish it. The movie looks like it will be good and interesting. Plus I like the people in it, which is a plus.
It's told in 1st and 3rd person from different characters. If the whole thing was written in 3rd person......I think I would have finished it by now. But I'm curious about how it will end so I think it will be finally completed.

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