Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Signing And Cake

I love book signings. First you get to talk and see the author. Then you can talk with others who like said author. And you can't forget about getting a signed and personalized copy. What's not to love?
At the bookstore today was Maria V. Snyder's release party for her newest book, Night Study. Last February was the launch for the previous book in the series. This year, I remembered to bring my camera.
Maria brought a delicious cake that featured the American, Australian, and Great Britain covers of the novel.
She set up and signed books.

Hey! Here's a rare picture of me. I got a picture with her and my newly signed book. Can't wait to read it.

Afterwards I finished reading a ton poems for the campus literary magazine, so no plastic pony stuff for today. So here's one of the nameplate halters I made being modeled on the owner's model. It looks really nice. :)
Photo credit Tiffany Magnett

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