Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Forgotten Show

I went to Intermediare Live well over a month ago. It took place on Oct 11, at The Farm Show Complex.
It was a great show for me, so it's well overdue for a post!

The show began with other performance.
Scorpio Races got ribbons with Scene and Costume.

Niki and Lizzie had shown at QH Congress the day before, but they stopped by.
I asked Niki which of my English saddle she thought I should use and then she pulled out this and asked if I would like to use it. It's the tooled saddle by Jennifer Buxton and Erin Corbett. My answer was yes.
Look at the prettiness 

The saddle fit Zipper (Harley D Zip)  and my bridle matched the color, so we were set. I also tacked up Scorpio Races to use in English.

Lizzie also brought props and I used her adorable rocking horse jump.

Zipper continued to do well in English.

And he won Reserve Champion!

Here are some other pictures from other classes and the intersport show!
Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Pat Coulter

Owned by Ashley Marconi 

Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Kim Bleecker


  1. I extend my belated congratulations on the belated show report! (haha) Seriously though, that's awesome. :) I've always loved that tooled English saddle; it is so neat. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures, it looks like there were some really beautiful entries there.