Sunday, November 1, 2015


When I first made nameplates for halters the end result came out right about maybe 25% of the time. Not that great, but it worked and I was happy with it. As with any artist, I always strive to make something better. It may be a bit until I feel a need to take the next step, but still. Keep trudging on to betterment. 
I first made the nameplates using freezer paper and transferring it onto thick metallic paper. Then I experimented. Some things worked, but I wanted the nameplates to look like metal. So the experimentation continued. It was a winding road, but I picked up other techniques that can be applied to other things. So the experiments weren't worthless. :)
Yesterday everything came together! I made the halter for my Copperfox Pony, Scorpio Races.
American Pharoah did awesome in the Breeder's Cup yesterday. I think he needs a halter, even though I don't have his model! What do you think?


  1. Really nice, like the look of both the halters but the second is absolutely amazing!

  2. You should totally make a tutorial! Those look great!