Friday, November 13, 2015

Better Late Than Never

On October 24th and 25th, the Pennstate Harrisburg Equestrian Team went to a show at Grier School and it was hosted by Pennstate University Park. It was also my first show!
Originally the show was going to be held at State College, but ominous weather caused it to be moved to a covered arena. Good thing it was because the weather prediction was right. It did pour.
A donor donated for us to stay in a house.

There was also a barn.

And creek.
But early fall's beauty makes up for it.
Everyone did a great job for the two days. 

I get nervous about everything. It isn't always that FREAKING OUT FREAKING OUT ALERT but instead a varying degree of bouncing butterflies in my gut. You can guess with my first time showing that I the butterflies were rapidly shooting off. 
But I drew an awesome pony. His name was Sprite and he was a 14.1 hand Arab Pony. 
He had smooth gaits and was a fun ride. 
My nerves calmed down the longer the ride went. In the end I earned a 4th place, which was exciting!
We drove back to the house at the end of the day.
The only downfall with the house was it being a dead zone. No wifi or any type of signal. So we explored instead. Cold water was cold.
Instead of going out for dinner, a group cooked. 
Then dessert. It was my birthday, and the team surprised me with a cake. It was awesome!

The second day went similar to the first. We got up, traveled to Grier and watched the horses warm up. Then it was competition time.
I loved this grey horse.

I believe the horse that I rode's name was Nash. I think. He was a different ride than Sprite, but was still fun. Plus my nerves were not nearly as crazy as the day before. Still there, just calmer! I came out with a 5th place. 

It was a fun weekend with the Huntseat. Better late than never for the show recap!