Friday, October 2, 2015

KILE Model Horse Show Part 1

The KILE Model Show was an original finish only show. There were halter and performance classes with plenty of entries in each!
Driving/Harness kicked off performance!
Owned by Kris Gallagher, doll by her too

Owned by Niki Hertzog

Scene was next.
I put up my new zombie beach.
And it got 6th.
I also threw my Game of Thrones set out. 

Owned by Lizzie Mace
 Niki put up a really cool and detailed show barn.
Look at the flyers!
So tiny!

This fishing scene was cool too.
 I also really liked this search and rescue scene.....
Owned by Kris Gallagher, dolls by her

 Even though all that was left was a skeleton! It won 2nd in the class.
This was the 1st place winner.
Owned by Kris Gallagher

Costume was next and it had an array of costumes.
Owned by Niki Hertzog

Loved his bridle!

Owned by Mary Butler

Owned by Kris Gallagher

Owned by Lizzie Mace

Grooming and Showmanship
Owned by Kris Gallagher, doll by her too I believe

Owned by Lizzie Mace, doll by Joan Yount and bridle by Five Paws Studio

Owned by Lizzie Mace

Next will be English and Western!
(As always if anything belongs to you or you made something in the pictures, please comment. I know I'm slow at putting the tags up, but I will! Thanks)

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