Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gutting It: A Zombie Story

Walking Dead has started (that last episode was stressful),  Halloween movies are playing  on repeat on various channels  (so many great ones) and fall has hit.
So what does that all mean? Nothing really. It's just one of my favorite months for those above reasons. And because of The Walking Dead, that means zombie dolls. The first doll is for the giveaway (which the winners have been very patient!). I wanted to do something more gross with the doll. I decided on exposed guts. The tricky thing with making guts was making sure that the additions allowed for mobility.
I grabbed this breyer doll.

I drew on her face to rough out features. And because drawing on dolls is fun.
Next came the heat gun.

Burned to a crisp! :)

I painted her face a pale tan color.

And then began to dirty and zombify her face with pastels. 

She's started to look like a pretty zombie!

I took her outside to gouge a hole inside of her abdomen. I wanted her intestines to show, but I also wanted her torso to move. So next came looking up anatomy for the large and small intestines to see if it would work. 
Link To Source
Dolls are made up of joints that allow for them to move similarly to humans but not perfect. So I was happy to see where the intestines end is a solid non moving area on the doll. After making the hole, I stuffed some paper towel into it.
The experiment to make realistic miniature intestines worked perfectly!
I took a piece of paper towel,

And cut a rectangular piece from it. Humans have a lot of intestine crammed into a small area, so I didn't need a thick piece!
Next, I wet the piece and rung out the extra water. Then I rolled it while coating it in tacky glue.
I let it set for a couple of minutes before I put it into the hole, trying to make it seem like intestines. After it was dry, I used a mix of pastels and fake blood to make it seem more realistic. Then I put a layer of gloss over it. 
After dirtying up her feet I decided she needed to have pink toenails.  Because. 

Isn't she lovely so far? She still needs details but I like her!

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  1. Those are some seriously real-looking intestines. So gross!! (I love it)