Saturday, September 26, 2015

Winging It!

It takes great skill to mix up show dates. It takes even more skill to accidently be a week early instead of being a day late.
That was me, last week. Woke up, and was about to leave and realized that I was a week early. Lucky Me! The show is tomorrow, and I am so winging it. I did make something new, but the past week has been readingsbookIdon'tcareabout which means avoidbookandreadmorefunthings and tests. So The show I thought was last week is tomorrow! It's near me(like 15 minutes tops from my house) so I get to sleep in, in terms of getting up for shows.
Other cool things happened last week.
Yard sale season is coming to a close so since I didn't have a show to go to, my mom and I decided do yard sales. Before going to yard sale, Mom convinced me to go to the gym. Yup. That happened. I walked and read. Multitasking.
One of the last yard sales had a saddle. Which is unusual for a yard sale, and I'd never seen this type of saddle before.
I bought a bunch of craft stuff at the yard sales. I got nutcrackers for potential jumps. The cross stitching hoops were a steal as was the large bag of white felt.
Creepy dolls past their prime equal perfect zombies. Because zombie toddlers are the right thing to make. 
An author was giving away advanced reader copies of her novel, so of course I had to grab one. She signed it for me too!
The most exciting thing I bought was this. Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers. They're classic/pebble sized but will be a cute jump. 
Well, my cat is trying to lay on my keyboard, and I should get some sleep, so have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh boy, your talk of things to make jumps out of is the LAST thing I need to hear. I hoard -er, acquire ALL sorts of things because, reasons. Crazy random things to make jumps out of?? That's brilliant! But... I shouldn't be listening. *fingers in ears* lalalalala ;)

    1. It's the story of my life. I buy random weird things with the intention of making them into cool props! :)