Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Awesome Weekend

After having a semi-crappy week, the weekend made up for it. At The Farm Show Complex, the KILE horse show held its first ever model horse show.  While it was far from being my best show, it was not my worst show. And best of all I got to see Plastic Pony Peeps and meet new model horse people. I have realized that I *do* need to put more time into my showing though. I really need to plan out my entries for future shows. But that's for later.
There will be more show pictures soon!

On Sunday I had my first lesson with the coach for the riding team. It's a nice barn, and the horse I rode was fun too. I've never fallen off thus far in riding, even though I've had close calls. Last night though, there was no way I was staying on. I was transitioning down from canter to trot and lost my stirrups and was leaning on my better side and rolled off. The new flooring padded me pretty well, so I was dusted off and get back on again. :) Can't wait to do more there!
It's slightly dark, and a sucky picture, but I felt like a barn picture was needed!

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