Sunday, August 16, 2015


The biggest struggle with blogging is wanting to write but not having anything to write about. Or should I say, having the words flow.  But I've gotten my books for the fall semester plus scaled the local office stores for cool back-to-school deals, so I'm hoping the writer's block goes away as the beginning of school rush calms down! 
(From 2015 Breyerfest)


  1. Sometimes I have the same issues. Just started a blog and I REALLY want to write, but don't know what to talk about!

  2. Writer's block is tough! I have been trying to get back to blogging every day. I was on again off again (off for months at a time) up until last December. Then I started doing a post a day and kept it up for a few months (yay me! lol). Then the big move came and I've been off and on again. I'm trying to get back to posting daily, but it can be hard! What I'm finding is that sometimes I have lots of ideas. So at those times I'll try and type up a few posts and save them as drafts to finish later. Or, if I have the makings of a few complete posts, I'll compose them and schedule them to post one a day for the next few days. Then that gives me a break.

    I had never used the Schedule feature on blogger until more recently, but it really is neat - especially since I'm now on a totally different day and time than most of my readers. I've been trying write my posts during the day and schedule them to go up early in the morning for U.S. times. Often that's when I'm going to bed over here. ;)

    1. Updating everyday is a lot of dedication! Writing some posts a head of time is a good idea :)