Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back To School-ish

 Today, my mom, sister, cousin, and great aunt went to Carlisle, PA for two reasons. The first being my cousin had her driver's test and apparently Carlisle has a reputation for being one of the easier places in PA to pass the driver's test. I took it in Harrisburg, so I can't really compare the two. But she did pass!
The second reason was to go to a tack shop named Gallop Country. College is right around the corner. In less than a week it all begins again, and with that the Equestrian Club will be starting up again .When my mom was a state trooper, she would stop in the plaza because the Chinese restaurant next door has great food.
Anyways, I needed clothes for the club. I've owned my boots and helmet since going to horse camp with Madison of Gyrfalcon Studios when we were ten or eleven. Neither of those are 'showy' so I needed to get breeches, boots, and a helmet.
I'm excited about my show stuff, but I also enjoyed looking around at the saddles. The tack shop had various types of saddles.
There were Western and English saddles.
But the one that really caught my eye was this Australian saddle. I loved the tooling on it!
I took some detail shots of the front,

and back.

Have a great night everyone!


  1. Good luck with your equestrian club. Joining the one at my college was one of the best decisions ever; it helped me make a great connection who has taught me so much and opened countless doors. I hope your experience will be fun and fruitful!


  2. Good luck with the club! :D Also,that's one cool saddle! One of these days I'll have to make one. <3

  3. That Aussie saddle is cool. I love mine, it's brown. I had wanted one ever since I was a kid watching Man From Snowy River - haha. I finally bought one several years ago, it was my first brand new saddle. I didn't even want to leave it at the barn at first, because I didn't want it to get dusty - it's pretty well worn in now - ha! I decided to bring one saddle with us to Japan, in case I got the chance to ride and needed a saddle (you never know, lol), and also to have for a model horse tack reference. It was close between my dressage saddle and my Aussie, but in the end I brought the dressage saddle. It's lighter and easier to move around. My Aussie is packed away in storage for the next 4 years and I hope it's okay when I see it again.

    Sorry to ramble, your pictures of the saddle brought back some memories. :)