Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Road To Breyerfest

Breyerfest. Breyerfest. Breyerfest! It may begin officially on Friday,  but the traveling starts way before then. Today I started the journey to Breyerfest with fellow hobbyist Melissa.
I know I threw Carl the zombie into the car, but couldn't find him.
Instead, Duck-Horse made an appearance.
We started at my house and traveled through the rest of Pennsylvania before hitting Maryland and taking a rest stop. We left at a decent time.

Duck-Horse is easier to photograph than the doll, lemme tell ya.

We made it across bridges,

Saw a really cool Batman car,
and eventually hit storms. The road to Breyerfest is paved with storms.

But we made it to Kentucky! I am so directionally challenged, and am happy that I only got lost 2 times. This is an amazing number. Yes, there was a very loud GPS in the car too.
I hope anyone traveling to Breyerfest has a safe trip and everyone else enjoy your week!

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