Sunday, July 12, 2015

Piece of The Puzzle

Breyerfest is happening in less than a week. SO CLOSE.
That also means the C/Y Show will be happening soon. So I'm going to post the links of the past series I did about getting ready for the C/Y show. Some of the rules have changed this year, so make sure to double check the rules (I plan on updating this series one day!)

Getting Ready for the BF C/Y Show--Entering

Getting Ready for Breyerfest C/Y Show-Picking Show-able Halter Models

Getting Ready For Breyerfest C/Y-Picking Breeds

Getting Ready For Breyerfest C/Y-Making Breed Cards

Getting Ready for Breyerfest C/Y-How to Make Breed Cards for Mixes

Getting Ready for the BF C/Y Show-Overview of Customs

Getting Ready for BF C/Y Show-Customs Made for Performance

Getting Ready for BF C/Y Show-Making Customs with Performance in mind

 PT 2Getting Ready For BF-How To Pack Your Models

Here's a gun holster that I finished tonight.

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