Friday, July 24, 2015

Kentucky Derby Museum Part 2

After we walked around the museum we went outside to participate in the Historic Walking Tour.
Our tour guide showed us the jockey outside.  He's painted every year to reflect the current winner.
Along the sides of the buildings are all of the winners of the Kentucky Derby winners.

 The Triple Crown winners are in gold with a crown.

Then we continued our walk and stopped at a garden before entering the race track.
In it was a statue of the first ever Derby winner, Aristides.
Pat Day  also has a statue. 
The racetrack was pretty. 
The tour ended with the resident real horses. 
Risen Warrior was born in 1996 and won over $500,000 during his racing days.
Winston, the mini horse, was born in 1993 and has lived at the museum for 19 years. 
Near the resident horse area was a garden which held the gravestones for five Derby winners.

Eight Belles, who ran second in the 2008 Kentucky Derby,  also had a memorial.

Going to the museum and being able to participate in the walking tour, was an educational experience. Going down to Breyerfest early was a great idea. :)

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