Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kentucky Derby Museum Part 1

On Tuesday, Melissa and I arrived in Kentucky. Instead of staying at a hotel, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. There was a resident Border Collie named Fly.
From our window, we could see fields of horses and cattle.
The next day, we drove to Louisville to see  The Kentucky Derby Museum. It was my first time and it had been a while since Melissa had gone.
The Barbaro Statue stood out front. 
We took a tour, which included seeing the racetrack. But before getting into that, we walked around the actual museum!
Plenty of outfits filled the museum. Fashion isn't an art that I'm into, but some of the outfits were pretty cool!
I loved the Derby Hats.

There's a breyer!
The Winner's Circle has a manikin of the current winner of the Derby in it. It's updated each season, and this year it's American Pharaoh. 

Loved his face!
Exhibit cases held tack, saddle clothes, and other racing memorabilia.
Affirmed's saddle cloth
(Can't remember who this belonged too)

(Racing saddle that I can't remember who it belonged to).
Secretariat also had an exhibit.

Each Derby winner had a block that included their info, so here's a couple of the blocks.

Before the 2003 Seabiscuit movie, there was this one. I saw it years ago on TV and it had actual footage of Seabiscuit racing.

I must say that my favorite part was the simulation ride. Melissa and I played four or so times. 
We also dressed up like jockeys. Five hours of  the drive down I decided to learn how to take selfies. Yay for texting and having a selfie savvy sister.

That concludes the museum part! Next comes the racetrack and a couple of actual horses!

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