Monday, July 6, 2015


When I got home after work, my mom had an idea. An impromptu trip to Gettysburg for dinner. Gettysburg isn't too far from me. About 45 minutes-1 hour away. 
The last time I'd been to Gettysburg it wasn't tourist season, so the streets had been empty. Today we even saw carriages. 

When my mom first became a State Trooper, Gettysburg was the first place she worked at. Her favorite place to eat at was the Dobbin House Tavern, so that's where she took my sister and me.
Picture taken by my mom
The restaurant is Gettysburg's oldest and most historic building. It was built in 1776 by Reverend Alexander Dobbin. It has been kept to look the same as it did two hundred years ago. The full history can be read here.
To get to the restaurant you actually take stairs to go below ground and you also eat by candle light.
Wasn't this dark. Decided to take an artsy picture with the candle. 
The menu had numerous types of food, but I opted for French Onion soup and a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (the menu gave it a cooler name). The waitresses and waiters all wore period-clothing.
We walked around the historic part of town after dinner. Walking included stopping at some shops and seeing different types of things.
So much is happening.

I came home with Confederate and Northern States paper money.
It was a nice and fun night, filled with delicious food! Impromptu outings can be fun.

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