Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hanover Shoe Farm

For a while, My friend, Samantha, and I have been trying to get together to do something horsey. Today it happened! We decided to go to a near-ish farm called Hanover Shoe Farms.

It's a Standardbred breeding farm located in Hanover, Pa. It's the world's leading Standardbred breeder by earnings, per the website.

At Hanover Shoe, you do self guided tours. There's four main barns with two housing stallions and the other two housing mares and foals.

Samantha and I walked through the stallion barns first, but there was one horse inside.

 But we found more stallions outside.
They were hanging out in the shade.
"I haz de itch. Y'all get to see this view."

The two came out once we walked over. 
While the stallions were pretty, I loved the foals the most. Because FOALS.
They were outside in a pasture with their dams. So. Cute.
When leaving, we found a mare and foal with their own pasture.
Going to this farm was a nice day trip. :)

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