Monday, June 1, 2015

Where's Carl?

I love memes. This one was particularly appropriate for the post.
For the cruise I wanted to take something along to take pictures of in a Flat Stanley style. A cruise my mom, sister, and I went on years ago we took along my cousin's Flat Stanley and photographed him at different islands.
Originally it was to be the cute adorable rubber horse ducky. After Bring On The Bling Live however, my brain was still on zombies.
So Carl the zombie came along instead.

Carl tagged along with the group to numerous places.
Here he is on the beach with beach hats.

Carl already looks tanned, so he fit in on the beach. I got sunburned here, so that was fun (not).
Swimming in the ocean was no issue for the doll. His paint, blood, nor hair came off!

Carl posed in the horse racing themed casino.

I had my sister pose with Carl.

Each night, the room steward would make towel animals. Carl posed with them too.

On the last night the room steward made a heart out of towels instead of an animal.
After 7 days of being creepy, Carl rested in the heart towel.
 Where was Carl during the cruise? Everywhere. 

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