Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tack Trunk

While working on the saddle, I also worked on a tack box for myself.
Last year I made a tack box. It was fun to make.
Those were some of my tack pieces too. A year can make a huge difference!
I bought this box a while ago and let it sit. It got lost in the craft room until this past week. The other box had become way too small for my saddles. I wanted to have a better organizing system for my saddles too, so it seemed perfect for me to find it.
I redid the handle and stained it. 
I bought this cool steam-punk themed scrapbook paper during the summer and decided to use it. 
Finished product. It has plenty of space, and I'm trying to decided if I want to add another row for saddles or not. There's plenty of space for bridles too. 


  1. That is really cool, I think it looks great! Good idea to use the paper as a background for the inside. I'm seeing more and more cool stuff people are doing with "scrapbook" paper, rather than just scrapbooking. :)

    1. Thanks! Yup, my scrapbooking paper is rarely used for scrapbooking. :)

  2. Those look great! I have two that my father made me years ago, and they work really well for storing tack as well as for taking tack to shows. Love your idea with the steampunk paper. :)

  3. This is very cool and ironic! After you made that post a year ago I bought the same box and use it for my tack. Good job!