Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Organizing In Clearance

Organization is an art. I love to buy organizational things even though I so am not an organized person. But one goal I have been setting for myself is to slowly organize my show stuff. Small steps, nothing huge and drastic.
Today I went to Joann Fabrics to get wire, and found this in the clearance bin. So perfect.
For 10$ I thought why not? It could be used for something. 
The inside has jewelry storage compartments. Perfect. 
Since I made a tack box, I decided this would be storage for small performance things. 
I already had a filled one, but with five I could spread it out some. 
So I now have an empty-ish english one. 

And another with everything else. I mean, it is better than before....right?
I made a lot of meat for a zombie scene. I also think I will remake my bobbing apples prop.
Never overlook clearance bins. They hold gold sometimes.


  1. Oh, wow - that is awesome!!! Congrats on the find! I too love organizational things.. though I'm not very organized either... :-/

  2. I need one of those for $10....or like 5 of them!

  3. What a great find! I could use one of those for sure.