Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Model Horse Day

Madison Pollihan of Gryfalcon Studios and I had a model horse day yesterday. We both donate to The Feather Fund, so that's what we worked on. This is the first time that I can say my donations may be in early.
I brought along my airbrush,
and a primed foal.
The Feather Fund model horse auction is held every year during Pony Penning. Portraits of the local ponies are sold to fund the organization. Every year an essay contest is run, and the winning child wins a Chincoteague Pony foal. To read more about how The Feather Fund Started, here's the link-here.
I airbrushed, while Madison used oils.

Here's Giant Soul Surfer with tiny Soul Surfer.
Giant Soul Surfer is by Madison. The tiny one was painted by me.
Here's Suede, who was also a 2014 buyback. 
Madison's cat, Frisky, watched our painting. It was a ton of fun!


  1. They are so cute! What kind of horse was the giant Soul Surfer?

    1. It's a re-purposed Color Me Mine ceramic that I had lying around.

  2. Wow, that is really cool. I didn't know about the Feather Fund, but I just read all about it. That is such an awesome story. How does the donation work for model horses? I'd love to donate one. I probably wouldn't get one done in time for this year, but would be able to plan on next year. I didn't see anything on the website about that type of donation, but maybe I missed it... Thanks so much for sharing!

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    2. Yay!
      The model can be any brand, and it's supposed to be painted like one of the Chincoteague Ponies on Assateague. To donate you send the model to the woman who runs it (Lois Szymanski ) and during pony penning the portrait models are auctioned off.
      There is a Facebook page for The Feather Fund that has a contact email, pictures of donated items, and kids who have received ponies-
      I hope that helped!

    3. Wonderful - thank you! I just went and liked their page. :D