Sunday, June 21, 2015

Going Gold

Today I received my Gold Award for Girl Scouts.

It was held at a Sheraton Hotel. The local recipients had to make a display that talked about and explained her Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts of the USA. I ran a Tween (middle aged) book club during the summer for my project. For each book we met two times a week, during the summer, before moving on to the next one. During each meeting we talked about the book and did a craft afterwards.

I got numerous things for it, starting with this special pin and mug.

I also got letters of recognition from numerous places, so here are a few.

A letter that was awesome to get came from DC.

I had alot of fun at the event, and enjoyed every moment of it.
The 2015 Gold Award Recipients 

(Madison of Gyrfalcon Studios and Erin of And Now, For Something Completely Different)
 There was a point when the Gold Award seemed unlikely. Losing troop members and a leader caused a scramble that my mom was able to fix with the help of the girl scout council. My troop was #873, and I'm the last member of it.
The group, the perfect mixture of family and friends, minus two. (My mom is on the far right)
 I'm happy I saw it through though.  I was a girl scout from age five until now. Fourteen years.
 There are adult memberships, but I have no idea what I will do about it. I'll figure that out later.
The Sister and me

Such projects and awards are never done solo. I wouldn't have ever been a girl scout, nor would have finished it out without my Mom. The project never would have been the success it was without my adviser, Michelle <3 .="">


  1. Congratulations, Kristian! What an achievement!! (One of my daughters received this award, so I know how much is involved.) So happy for you!! Well done!

    1. Thank you!
      (And yay for your daughter too!)