Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Buckbeak the First was made out of paper mache. He actually is still around. 
(Mostly. Being a klutz I accidentally broke one of his wings.)

Buckbeak II was born a year or so after. The Buckbeak II had been made using crayola clay. I thought it was the best stuff ever. He won me a prize model at the Breyerfest Youth show.
And here is Buckbeak a couple of years later.Within this bag is Buckbeak II now rests. 

The clay has crumbled into an icky mess. Buckbeak II no longer looks regal but instead looks like a creature from a cheesy horror movie. 
"I eat yer soul, if I had a beak."
"I'd claw you if I had feet."

I think he looks like this creature from Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. 
On a side note, this movie is a thing and this is a movie I must find now and watch.
As with any project, you live and learn. If I ever make another Hippogriff, I'll use something more durable so that the life span is longer. But staring at this creature is still kind of fun, right?

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