Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silent But Steady

I'm done with school for the summer! :)
While tack making or really any creative projects have been put on hold, I have been playing around with social media things.
I know I was asked about my Pinterest. I am slightly addicted to Pinterest. Anyways, today I finished making a separate Pinterest for Five Paws Studio. I decided that people would probably prefer to see horse/model horse/blog things instead of all of my random boards. If you're following my personal account, the horse boards are the same. Both accounts can post on them. So here's the link to it.
I also love books. I have a personal Goodreads account but decided to make one for Five Paws Studio. It will have horse books and any other book I talk about here (I read a little bit of everything, so the Five Paws Studio one will just have horse books and anything else I talk about here). Fun thing I noticed is that plenty of my books aren't already on the website. So I get to make those profiles! Here's the link to it :)
If you haven't already noticed, I added little tags to the upper left of the page so that you can find the different places easier.

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