Sunday, May 24, 2015

Highlights from the Zombie Apocalypse Divison

My favorite division at Bring On The Bling Live was the Zombie division.
The 1st placed winners got these awesome zombie horses as prizes instead of gems. I came home with 2! 
(Not my pic, it's from Facebook )

The Zombie Division started with scene. I entered my zombie tree house.
The 1st placed winners got these awesome zombie horses as prizes. I came home with 2! 
Next was western. I loved the dragging of the zombie. 
 Being pulled off of a horse and being eaten by a zombie is not the way to go.
Owned by Melissa Cox 
 The best way to lure zombies in, with my model named Walker.
I didn't get photos of the last couple of classes, but Melissa did send me this. Loved this set up with her Stormwatch.
Stormwatch has a lot of sass. 

As usual, if any model belongs to you, let me know and I'll give you credit. Also, if anyone has pictures of the entries in the last couple of zombie classes, I'd love to post them! :)
(Also, I will be away this week with no internet, so that will be the reason for a lack of responses. I will have more detailed posts when I get back. Until then, there are scheduled posts so it isn't all silent this week.)

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