Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Work In Progress

The majority of the day was trying to recreate this 
into miniature scale. The doll once was a breyer doll, but now he's Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones. I love the TV show, and one day will finish the books (read the first one a while ago, and been 'reading' the second one for like a year now). 
Anyhow, doll Jon Snow still needs a vest, boots, gloves, and finisher. But I like him!


  1. Cool! I'm a big fan of GoT and just finished a Daenary's doll in Dothraki cloths and am almost done with Khal Drogo (just need to lace his leather girdle/corset belt). I made tack too to go with them (except I still have to make a second saddle blanket for Khal's horse. I used the Yvonne doll and the Zica male S body with an Achmed head instead of the Breyer dolls.

    1. That's awesome!
      I want to try to make a Dothraki tack set one day. :)
      It's good to know that the S Body is good with model horses! Been thinking about getting one for a while. :)