Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cruise Adventure

I just got back home after a week on a cruise.

I went with my mom, sister Kendall, and my sister’s friend Lexi. 

We rode on Carnival's Pride. It was a big ship, to me, but in the cruise ship sphere it apparently is on the small side. I guess that is why I didn't get lost on it!
We visited Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport.

My favorite beach was Half Moon Cay.

But my favorite island of the three would have to be Grand Turk because they have wild horses and donkeys. It's hard to trump that. I went riding on the beach too. 
This is what happens when you leave your camera in the hands of your little sister and her friend, Lexi. 
One of my favorite things to do was watch the sunsets on the ocean water.

All of the places were gorgeous so there will be a couple of related posts.
It was a great trip.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Highlights from the Western Division

Right now, I'm hoping to be eating Warm Chocolate Melting Cake on the Carnival Pride, so here are some highlight photos from the Western divisions. 

Owned by Margaret Balch
Owned by Melissa Cox

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Highlights from the English Division

Here are some of the highlight photos from Bring On The Bling
Owned by Pat Coulter
Owned by Margaret Balch

Owned by Kimberly Bleecker

Yay Zipper!

Owned by Margaret Balch

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Highlights from the Zombie Apocalypse Divison

My favorite division at Bring On The Bling Live was the Zombie division.
The 1st placed winners got these awesome zombie horses as prizes instead of gems. I came home with 2! 
(Not my pic, it's from Facebook )

The Zombie Division started with scene. I entered my zombie tree house.
The 1st placed winners got these awesome zombie horses as prizes. I came home with 2! 
Next was western. I loved the dragging of the zombie. 
 Being pulled off of a horse and being eaten by a zombie is not the way to go.
Owned by Melissa Cox 
 The best way to lure zombies in, with my model named Walker.
I didn't get photos of the last couple of classes, but Melissa did send me this. Loved this set up with her Stormwatch.
Stormwatch has a lot of sass. 

As usual, if any model belongs to you, let me know and I'll give you credit. Also, if anyone has pictures of the entries in the last couple of zombie classes, I'd love to post them! :)
(Also, I will be away this week with no internet, so that will be the reason for a lack of responses. I will have more detailed posts when I get back. Until then, there are scheduled posts so it isn't all silent this week.)

Bring On The Bling Show

On Saturday, I showed in Bring On The Bling Live that was held by Niki Hertzog. It was an all performance show.
It was a ton of fun.
There was a portable office.
My Jon Snow doll won a butterfly.
There were so many awesome entries. My favorite division was the Zombie Apocalypse division. Yes, there was a division devoted to the dead. :)

Overall, Zipper wearing the Harry Potter saddle ended up with a reserve champion  and Wishin' Right Now (Stage Mom) won a champion from the miscellaneous division! While I loved the gems, I loved the miniature sized rosettes. 
I also judged for the first time ever, so that was also a great experience. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Work In Progress

The majority of the day was trying to recreate this 
into miniature scale. The doll once was a breyer doll, but now he's Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones. I love the TV show, and one day will finish the books (read the first one a while ago, and been 'reading' the second one for like a year now). 
Anyhow, doll Jon Snow still needs a vest, boots, gloves, and finisher. But I like him!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Guest Post | RIP Surfer Dude

My friend, Madison, posted this post today, and I asked her if I could post it here. Madison has her own blog,Gyrfalcon Studio. I'd been trying to think of a way to write this, and Madison wrote it better!
A few days ago, fans of Chincoteague Ponies got word that one of the most popular stallions in the herd, Surfer Dude, had passed. It had been suspected for a while because he didn't come in during the Spring round up. This stallion has contributed so much to the breed.

(Picture of Surfer Dude Kristian  took in 2008)
To pay tribute to this beautiful guy there is a movement to get him immortalized as a Breyer Horse. Please email Breyer or use their contact form to help express interest in this idea. Collectors have wanted a new Chincoteague Pony for years and it would be amazing if it was Surfer Dude.
To check out more about this amazing breed look up I Love Chincoteague Ponies on Facebook.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Three Saddles

I spent the majority of my week making and finishing saddles.

The first one is for Newsworthy.

The next one was a project I'd started forever ago and found the tooled pieces on my desk.

And the last one I made for myself. It's Harry Potter themed! Little snitches and stars line the bottom

 and the skirts have snitches too!

Camera: Kristian, Yes

Today while my mom and I were running erands, we passed RadioShack.
Mom: RadioShack is going out of business, we should stop there.
Me: Yeah, we should.
After stopping at a couple of stores, we were going to pass RadioShack again.
Mom: We should stop at RadioShack
Me: *nods head because new craft things were more interesting*
We stopped at RadioShack, and I found these. I kept telling myself no, but eventually decided not to pass up a good deal and came home with this.

I played around with the lens when I got home. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
I'm heading out to a brunch today, but wanted to wish every type of mother a happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silent But Steady

I'm done with school for the summer! :)
While tack making or really any creative projects have been put on hold, I have been playing around with social media things.
I know I was asked about my Pinterest. I am slightly addicted to Pinterest. Anyways, today I finished making a separate Pinterest for Five Paws Studio. I decided that people would probably prefer to see horse/model horse/blog things instead of all of my random boards. If you're following my personal account, the horse boards are the same. Both accounts can post on them. So here's the link to it.
I also love books. I have a personal Goodreads account but decided to make one for Five Paws Studio. It will have horse books and any other book I talk about here (I read a little bit of everything, so the Five Paws Studio one will just have horse books and anything else I talk about here). Fun thing I noticed is that plenty of my books aren't already on the website. So I get to make those profiles! Here's the link to it :)
If you haven't already noticed, I added little tags to the upper left of the page so that you can find the different places easier.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So Close

Finals week. So close to being done for the summer. Four out of the six have been finished. I've enjoyed this semester, but I do love breaks. Particularly summer.
 Since the weather has decided to change over to warmer weather, the jackets for the Equestrian team came today. I really like it!

And my cat was being photogenic today, here's a picture of him.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Sometimes a model just needs to lose its head. This was one of those times.
In other news, I'm in the final stretch of school and just have one week left until my first year of college is over. So yay!