Monday, March 9, 2015

Twas the Night Before A Show

Lizzie stayed over on the night before the show. 
She brought along her new Dos Brio resin named Snitch. He was painted by Sue Kern and sculpted by Sheila Bishop  . 
When Lizzie had first gotten her Dos Brio, she'd asked me for name suggestions. I must have had Harry Potter on my mind because I said Snitch and Lizzie decided on Gunners Gotta Golden Snitch.
We decided to do a photo shoot with him and some of my Harry Potter Stuff. My other talent in life is book hoarding, so I have the books along with various additions and spin off books. I got to go to Harry Potter World two years ago, and came home with many items, including wands.
I ran a Tween book club last summer to earn my Girl Scout Gold Award, and one of the kids in the group gave me a golden snitch (our last book was Harry Potter)
Not the best picture, but a model named Snitch must pose with a golden snitch. 

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