Friday, March 6, 2015

Last Minute Saddle

Mother Nature came during my designated hours of okay-ness. It resulted in a snow day.
I didn't realize I needed it.
I have a show on Saturday and really needed to make basic things for it. So I made a last minute saddle.
Once it was finished, I showed it to my sister who immediately smelled it and decided it didn't smell 'leathery enough.'
I grabbed neatsfoot oil and rubbed it on the saddle. I used to use neatsfoot oil before dyeing and this time I did it after. The saddle did smell like leather again, but it also darkened a bit. Will remember, if I decide to use it again, to do it before dying. :)
So I have an English saddle, pad, and girth. The bridle needs a browband and keepers and then the last minute saddle set will be ready for Saturday. :)