Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back In Session

Spring break is over, which means the college life is back. Not that that is a terrible thing, but it does decrease tack making time . 
(Skiving and other messy projects would not be a particularly good idea to play with in lounges).
But it does add time to cross stitching. I usually cross stitch between classes, so *maybe* I'll finish a saddle pad by the end of the year!
I did make a bridle today. My leather was delayed, and finally got here today. I made the bridle and even got it out to the post office before it closed!


  1. I love cross stitching, it is a great portable craft project, good for road trips and so on. Though I do most of mine while watching TV and movies in the evenings with my husband. :) What thread count fabric are you using on your saddle pad? It looks tiny!

    1. I'm doing 22 count. Even though the next idea in my brain may need a smaller count than this. :)
      It is a wonderful portable project!