Monday, February 2, 2015

The Missing Link

It's funny how time moves and how sometimes something that felt like it happened yesterday actually happened many years ago.
Some  summers ago, my mom and I went to a yard sale.
It was the best yard sale ever. A) There were Breyers B) There was a huge case of horse books.
I bought the case of books and most of the Breyers. There was a range of horse books, but one series caught my eye. The Thoroughbred series.
The Thoroughbred series was created by Joanna Campbell in 1991 and lasted 15 years. It ended with 72 books, other authors, and spin off editions .
So I bought them home. Read them. Got to number thirteen. Finished it. Went to start number fourteen....and...there was none. By this point I had been reading two or three of them a day. So not having fourteen put a major damper into the reading binge I was doing. I put the series aside and started on another book and Thoroughbred was pushed to the back of mind. For years.
Of course the logical thing would have been to go and buy number fourteen. Sadly Borders didn't have any and online shopping never crossed my mind.
But I don't do easy. I do difficult.
Difficult meant years later I finally bought the book. I was working in the book store today and decided to check and see if number fourteen was there. And it was. I was told that it had been put away the day before. I'm not 100% sure what made me see if it was there but it must have been meant to be. So here's number fourteen. While I feel like I am passed the intended age group...but better late than never....right? (At this point that's what I'm telling myself!)
Now to finish that chapter of Watchman for graphic novel  class.....


  1. I loved those books! I think I'd had a similar experience, I couldn't find the next one from wherever I was in the series and I had stopped reading them. Then all of my childhood horse books were ruined in a flood. :( I've been slowly trying to get some of them again. My husband has bought me most of the Marguerite Henry books, but I still want the Black Stallion series and... Thoroughbred! Thanks for reminding me of them!

    1. Oh my! That would be awful.
      I'm glad you're finding them again.

  2. I loved this series growing up too! I've never been a big reader but this was one series that would always get me reading! I think they may still be at my mom's house, but not sure.

    1. That's awesome! I love reading in general but usually adding a horse to a story can make it better. :)