Monday, February 9, 2015

Nerdfighter Meetup

I must say that one of my talents is being directionally challenged. If there's a way to become lost, I will find it, and whoever is with me will follow.
On Saturday, my friend Erin of And Now, for Something Completely Different and I went to Lancaster City to meet up with local Nerdfighters. Here is a definition of a nerdfighter:
"What is a Nerdfighter? A Nerdfighter is a person who instead of being made out of, like, bones and skin and tissue, is made entirely of awesome."
—Hank and John Green

So awesome people. As with model horses, the community is small and you can meetup with others.
Saturday was the first meet up, one that my friend Erin and another Erin put together.
Erin and I drove together and parked. I had the address put into my phone GPS and with my directionally challenged ability, I had the two of us wandering down the street in the complete opposite direction for a half a mile.
Eventually Erin noticed, we walked back, and found the meet up spot that was basically right next to the place that we parked. Talent I tell you. Talent.
So we found our group, did introductions and then shopped around Lancaster.
We went to a really cool British Shop. I bought British Candy.
But there was a range of objects inside
including Dr. Who things

and figurines. 

Then there was the independent bookstore.

It was small and quaint with a friendly person in charge of it. The fangirling moments happened.

I loved how it showed you the flow of the books.

 Books and model horses are my weaknesses. So I did leave with a book. I finally broke down and brought the first Walking Dead graphic novel.
And here's a cool altered book that was on display.

The group of us continued walking down the street, stopping at any store that caught our attention. I never realized how many art related and vintage type of stores there were.
I didn't find any breyers in any of the stores we went to, but I saw plenty of older cameras so my camera took a selfie.
One of the last shops we went to on our day of awesome had a large display of rubber duckies. They weren't regular rubber duckies. There was a rubber ducky for every occasion. So I brought a horse one. 
After grabbing a bite to eat, we parted ways and Erin and I made it home in one piece. Saturday was  a great day. :)

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