Monday, January 19, 2015

Running The Ring

After the introduction, one of the 'games' the knights did was running the ring.
The riders rode down the line with a lance.

A 'squire' held the ring in his hand.
The goal of the run was to end up with a ring on the lance. 

Interesting stuff when looking up info:
The Medieval Tournament by R. Coltman Clephan said the lance was 10 ft 7 inches. That'd be fun to scale down. Also according to the book, Running The Ring was a later form of the quintain.
The RoundTable Productions website said the quintain was a training tool for a jousting knight.


  1. All of these jousting posts are so cool! This game in particular would be fun in mini scale- if I ever end up creating a miniature version of this, could I use these pictures in my documentation?

    Thank you so much for sharing!