Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

After the RoundTable Productions of the medieval games, the Island Long Riders came in and did Cowboy Mounted Shooting. 
It was funny seeing two representations of different time periods back to back. It probably wasn't as funny as I thought it was. I blame the dust. :) 
The Cowboy Sport Association has the document of rules on its website.
The competitor has two single action pistols that he or she uses to shoot balloons. The competitor also wears western attire. 
This is how the balloons were attached. 

An interesting thing that the announcer said was that while the gun has 6 slots for bullets, only 5 are loaded.  

There are no rules for breed. The equine can be any breed, donkey, or mule. The competitor has two single action pistols and shoots five balloons with one pistol and then shoots five more with the other. 

 They follow a course. The Cowboy Sports Association has a bunch of the courses listed on their website. The demonstration did multiple courses during their time.

  From the website, it said that light targets(balloons) are supposed to be the first to be engaged. The rider who has the fasted time and has shot the most balloons wins. One of the courses was run with the competitor running down to a barrel while shooting the five balloons on the left side. Then horse and rider turned at the barrel and ran down the other side, shooting the five other balloons.

 Cowboy Mounted Shooting was very cool event to watch!

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