Saturday, January 31, 2015

Western Show Halter

I made a Western Show Halter today. Now to send a picture to the future owner!
(I need to add another keeper, but at this point I consider it done.) :)

Trying Out A New Pattern

The next saddle I'm making has an upper flap that is different from my other pattern. So it was pattern making time. I only had to make a new pattern for the upper flaps. Everything else was taken from previous patterns, so yay!
I'm also using a different brand of leather dye, and seemed to have dyed the whole thing much darker than I meant to. I'm going to redye it black since you can never have too many black saddles. :)
But I'm happy with the new-ish pattern. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

This was a ton of fun! Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery put together a Model Horse Winter Photo Challenge.

1. Vintage

This is the oldest model in my collection. It's the Breyer Glossy Black Poodle that was produced from about 1955-1968 (Identify Your Breyer).

2. Nekkid

There are two types of nekkid in this picture. Take your pick! *snickers*

3. Scale Issues

Alborozo: Shouldn't I be the bigger one?

4. I See Spots

 Many many spots......

5. Unbridled Passion

Poor Carl the Zombie has a strong love for humans, but humans don't have a strong love for him....

6. Rare Breed

One of the lores says that they can only be tamed and seen by young

7. Portrait

Misty and Stormy
From A Pictural Life Story Of Misty

8. Congo

My Misty Family Congo

 9. The Great Outdoors

It's so pretty outside with the snow.

10. Best In Show

While this model is no prize winner and kind of makes me feel uncomfortable if I stare at it too long, it was my first Breyer. That's what makes it best in show. 
And the eyeliner.

Bullet tolerated the posing. He's a winner. 

That's it! It was alot of fun to play around with my models. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Adorable Things Come In Small Packages

What is cuter than one miniature donkey?

Two miniature donkeys. At the Farm Show, there were two 15 month old miniature donkeys that were apart of Catra's Miniature Horse Extravaganza. Everything about them was adorable. The sound of bells filled the arena.
The two jumped.
And decided to not jump.

The two also stepped on a mat. 
Everything about them screamed adorable. The markings, coloring and attitude really made them fun to watch!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

After the RoundTable Productions of the medieval games, the Island Long Riders came in and did Cowboy Mounted Shooting. 
It was funny seeing two representations of different time periods back to back. It probably wasn't as funny as I thought it was. I blame the dust. :) 
The Cowboy Sport Association has the document of rules on its website.
The competitor has two single action pistols that he or she uses to shoot balloons. The competitor also wears western attire. 
This is how the balloons were attached. 

An interesting thing that the announcer said was that while the gun has 6 slots for bullets, only 5 are loaded.  

There are no rules for breed. The equine can be any breed, donkey, or mule. The competitor has two single action pistols and shoots five balloons with one pistol and then shoots five more with the other. 

 They follow a course. The Cowboy Sports Association has a bunch of the courses listed on their website. The demonstration did multiple courses during their time.

  From the website, it said that light targets(balloons) are supposed to be the first to be engaged. The rider who has the fasted time and has shot the most balloons wins. One of the courses was run with the competitor running down to a barrel while shooting the five balloons on the left side. Then horse and rider turned at the barrel and ran down the other side, shooting the five other balloons.

 Cowboy Mounted Shooting was very cool event to watch!

A Halter For A Naked Resin

I made a halter for my Chex resin. He may be naked, but he looks nice in a halter. And it even has his name on it!  :)
My next project is scaling my saddle patterns. So draw...draw...paper...paper...snip...snip...snip.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Running The Ring

After the introduction, one of the 'games' the knights did was running the ring.
The riders rode down the line with a lance.

A 'squire' held the ring in his hand.
The goal of the run was to end up with a ring on the lance. 

Interesting stuff when looking up info:
The Medieval Tournament by R. Coltman Clephan said the lance was 10 ft 7 inches. That'd be fun to scale down. Also according to the book, Running The Ring was a later form of the quintain.
The RoundTable Productions website said the quintain was a training tool for a jousting knight.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Unicorn

Another part of the opening part of the jousting that I liked was the grey unicorn. 
 While I really liked the queen's dress( I love gold and purple combinations) and her ability to do an awesome job as being a queen, the horse she rode caught my attention too. 
The bridle was very interesting.
But who wouldn't want to ride a unicorn? Even if it wasn't a real one. :)

At Dawn, The Ladies Ride

One of my favorite things last night was watching the jousting by Round Table Productions. But before the jousting started, the ladies took the stage (err--arena).
The Queen entered first.
Then her ladies followed. At the end of the jousting they rode around again.

They all rode side saddle, so that was a cool effect.
The Queen said something along the line that side saddles don't hinder the ability for them to ride any less than an astride person. She was right and wasn't messing around in showing so. 
One lady did not ride, but instead led her horse around so everyone could see the saddle, which was an English Side Saddle.