Friday, December 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I came across some pictures today and with the help of my mom's new scanner wand, I was able to scan them!
These are from my birthday years ago, taken by my mom. I couldn't find the date so I pin the pictures to be c. early 2000s.
For my birthday that year, my mom's friend invited me to where her horse was boarded (the actual how it came about is kind of dodgy. I was small!  It very well could have been a surprise!).
The horse's name was Nico, a gelding and I believe a Thoroughbred.
 I was very short too. I got to lead him around in a field where he ate grass and we plodded around. His owner rode him, I was led around. It was a very fun and relaxing day filled with a horse and friends. As you can tell from my smile, I really enjoyed it. :)
Sadly, about a year after this Nico had to be put to sleep because of complications from colic. Pictures are almost like time portals into events that you may have forgotten or can't remember crystal clear.


  1. He looks like a very sweet horse. It's always nice to see old pictures and remember our old friends.

  2. You're so little and cute! And poor Nico. At least you have some photos to remember him by.

  3. Aww, I love throwbacks to people as little kids with horses. What great pictures and memories.