Monday, December 15, 2014

Horse Shaped Objects and PONY

HSO or horse-shaped object  is a term coined by hobbyists for a model horse that is a horse, but isn't the most realistic equine toy around.
I unearthed a pack that I'd forgotten that I owned. It's been years since  I've even seen the poor things.
The herd of them are different types of breeds and even sculpting styles, yet they all go together.
They're from the old book club that was called PONY which ended due to financial reasons. I would do a pitch about it, but here's an advertisement that was made for it.
Members were sent various items during the time period that PONY was around. Members got everything from model horses to real horse things. Every month, members would get one or two horse novels.
Once in a while, model horses were sent out. I still have no idea who the sculpture/painter was and if PONY casted them.

The models I got were of various breeds, ranging from light

to stock looking ones

to draft types.

Others were more cartoon looking.
This is my favorite one of the bunch. The PONY Editors saved the mare that the model was based off of. The editors named her Chica. While I never met Chica, like many of the members (she lived in Spain I believe), she became a mascot to the club. I found enough Chica related things that I may have to make a post about her!

 I obtained more than the ones here, but the models were fragile. So many of the ones I had were broke, either from drops or from when I moved, which was prior to my knowledge of packing well. :)
Horse Shaped Objects may never win a blue ribbon, but they can have fun memories behind them. :)


  1. I had heard of PONY and thought it sounded like a neat idea. That's too bad they aren't around anymore. I have a bunch of random, weird HSOs I've acquired over the years that I've toyed with the idea of customizing into something showable. I think it would be a fun challenge (emphasis on CHALLENGE...), but for now they are just hanging around being somewhat horse-like. ;)

  2. I have them too! Now you made me want to go home and dig them up ;) Mine will probably serve as training objects for painting and perhaps resculpting :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I was a member of PONY for a few months! I want to say I heard about them through an insert in Young Rider magazine... or maybe the Scholastic Book Fair? I LOVED it- I still have one of the posters and fencing they sent me. The HSOs, however, have tragically disappeared. Thanks for the fun throwback!

  4. Cool to know that there were other PONY-ers!
    Some HSO would be fun to play around with, especially for fantasy.

  5. I have have some of those, I was a member too when I was younger! (however most turned in to practice-objects before I moved on to customizing nicer models. xD) In sweden PONY was called Pollux, however I think its still around here but under the name "Penny-Girl" (and a owner change, I think) but I'm not sure.. :P XD