Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Zombie Horse

I do sporadic things.
Especially after having a three hour class that deals with microeconomics.
I grabbed my Family Arabian Mare that I got at the flea market forever ago.

Then I went to town on her. Zombie horses, like zombie people, don't have a list of 'must have' in order to be one.

Which is a good thing because I didn't plan this out before take a heat gun to the model! She's going to be Carl the zombie's horse, because zombie things need to stick together, right?


  1. Really cool idea! Looking forward to see her progress :)

  2. Cool idea - it is definitely fun to work on things that don't have "must haves"!

  3. We should make a dual zombie set up. At Nikki's show just have blood and body party everywhere.