Monday, November 10, 2014

Ride For Pride

On Saturday, I went to Ride For Pride. It's always is fun to see your friends and to show! While I didn't take as many pictures as usual, I tried to stay semi organized with ribbons and keep track of who won what. :)
Performance was the first division. Artist Resin/Customs and Original finish were separated.
It started out with harness, but I seemed to not have taken pictures of it!
Saddleseat was second.
Owned by Lizzie Mace

I didn't take a picture of my pony, but she won second in the class!
Other performance was next.
I have very dark humor.

My other zombie entry

Arabian/Native American. The sun casted weird light onto the table.
Owned by Ashley Marconi
 Fairy Tales and Nightmares pulled a second!
Artist Resin/Costume

This guy got a third. Yay for deciding to enter random horses into classes!
I managed to completely miss the next couple of classes, so here's English!
It started with Dressage.
I used my Kinetic Sand for the first time. It wasn't messy at all. :)
 Artist Resin/Customs Dressage

Other English
Owned by Ashley Marconi
 I've been wanting a Harley D Zip since he came out, so when I got the chance to get one in hand, I did! Of course I couldn't think of any cool names for him, so he was stuck with Zipper. And he got a Nan Card. Sorry Zipper. :D

Hunter/Jumper/Cross Country
Owned by Lizzie Mace

Owned by Ashley Marconi

Artist Resin/Custom

English Trail

Yay Zipper again!

I love to do random things :)

English Pleasure
Owned by Niki Hertzog
Other Western Performance had a bunch of western dressage entries.
Owned by Lizzie Mace

I found something to stick my Delilah in.  
Western Trail
So that's a wrap! 

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