Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday And A Saddle

I braved the crowds and survived.
I went to best buy, Books A Million and Michaels.
The most crowded was Michaels and that was pretty tame in terms of pictures. When I was done with Michaels, I was done with crowds. :)
The best deal of the day would be a toss up between Michaels and Best Buy. Michaels had all of the Christmas things on sale. Best Buy had the SD cards on sale. So both were great.
Later in the day, Lizzie sent me a text message with pictures of an English Side Saddle.

She took pictures of it from multiple angles.

So while I didn't buy anything per say horsey this Black Friday, Lizzie's pictures made up for it!


  1. Haha, that Walmart picture is awesome. Looks about right... (from stories I've heard, I've not braved the hordes myself) ;-)

  2. Micheals on Black Friday=SPEND ALL DA MONAYZ! If I wasn't camping, all of my money would be gone... Thank goodness for Cyber Monday! :)

  3. Every time I go into that tack shop they have a new cool saddle! Last time was the tooled English saddle this time was the side saddle there was an Australian saddle but we were leaving