Sunday, November 23, 2014

50 Thousand!

Five Paws Studio hit 50 thousand page views today!
So in honor of that milestone I decided to show something that also had come a long way.
For the past couple of months, my mom said she wanted to redo the craft room at my house. She has wanted to have something she'd finished on here, so here's the finished craft room!

The door house that is older than me and probably will never be finished. :)

*Also, in honor of the 50 k, there will be a giveaway!


  1. Congratulations! That craft room looks amazing! What a great space to work in.

  2. Lol, these pictures remind me of how much I need to redo my craft area! Your place looks awesome!

  3. Your craft room looks great! I have been trying and trying to get my craft room in order for a while now. I have way too much -cool- stuff in there and I always get derailed by the neat stuff I find in there. Then I want to make things instead of cleaning/organizing... :-/

  4. Haha, love the horse in the first pic!


  5. Woohoo! The horse in the first pic is really awesome! My craftt space is limited to a tiny desk. :P

  6. I can't wait to make our kick butt props in the amazing craft room!!!