Monday, October 13, 2014

Intermediare/Intersport Other Performance

For both Intermediate and Intersport, the show started with a scene class.
I was rushing and missed the intersport scenes! 
I showed in Intermediare except for 2 resin classes. Walker the Platinum Star got the first place.
Somehow, I missed fixing his arm. Looks like he's waving to the zombies. I only have fearless dolls on my models :)
Battlecry (Black Gold) got the second place!
 Next was harness. These were from Intermediare.
Owned by Pat Coulter
Arab Costume was one of the larger Other performance classes.

My Pebbles mare got a 6th place

Owned by Lizzie Mace

 *Insert Native American Intermediare. *Walker was the only entry and he got a first!
Intersport had more entries and they were very detailed.

Intersport other costume had parade entries.

And there was this. Misty in her Christmas costume from Sea Star:Orphan Of Chincoteague. I love Marguerite Henry, Misty, and Chincoteague, so this entry was adorable.

Intermediare other
I *think* this model was in other. Or it was in the mounted police class.

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