Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tip Of The Day-Organizing Nan Cards

I love back to school time. It's not because of the actual school part. Instead, it's the sales. I load up on model horse items during the season. Not because I actually have a plan for it, but because it's cheap. You can get tons of pencils and pens for dirt cheap. I lose my pens like clock work, so it's nice for me to load up on them.
Anyhow, I guess there will be more than one tip in this post.
The real post is how to organize those nan cards. For some projects I  think the DIY part saves you. For this one, I don't think it does. It's easier to just buy it.   But to organize Nan cards, plastic index card holders are the best. Nan cards are about the same size as an index card so it fits in the container. You can buy them for about 4$ off of Amazon (link). I bought mine for a dollar at my local office store( back to school perks!). So shop around.
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Now the one I bought has little dividers where I wrote performance, collectibility, and halter. I sorted my cards that way. If you have a ton of NAN cards, then you may need a index card holder for each separate division. If you have a horse that has plenty of NAN cards that warrant a separation, then get it its own separate card holder.
So that's the tip for today, hopefully it helps. :)

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