Monday, September 1, 2014

Resin Painting

I decided that one of my long weekend projects would be to paint a resin, since I have like 2 weeks until my next show. There's also a side saddle too. :)
I prepped her.

Then I painted her base color with acrylics. I splurged and bought higher quality paint, and it definitely shows. I kept doing layers until it was even.

After that I began using pastels and began to shade. I went from light to dark. It took a couple of layers to get it even and between coats I used krylon matte spray. Also I wore gloves so that my skin didn't touch the unsealed pastels.

Once I was happy with the pastels, I sprayed the model with the krylon crystal clear. Once dry, then I added the white markings and painted her eyes.

Here she is!