Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Puppies The Size Of Bunnies

I love pretty much any baby animal that's cute. Especially puppies since they are so squirmy, klutzy, and just overly excited about everything.

 My mom's friend got a new French Bulldog puppy, named Roux and brought her over to my house yesterday. My sister and I took plenty of pictures, while playing with the adorable puppy.
She met new types of animals. Rue the cat (pronounced the same way as Roux) was not thrilled one bit about the tiny puppy.

Look how small she is compared to Bullet the Bunny!

Bullet the Bunny enjoyed the puppy though. He smelled her and allowed her to lick and love on him. Normally he is the bully, but he let Roux do her puppy antics around him.
And after tons of playing, rest.

Young animals are a ton of fun! :)

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