Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jumping Into Smaller Scales

Remember this saddle from months ago and how I didn't have a model for it?
At Build The Barn Live, I bought myself a Pebbles Arab mare to wear the tack. She's a past Design A Horse.

And since buying the mare, I think I'm going to give a go at Pebbles Sized Performance. Imagine the possibilities, minus the space! So between the slot of getting home from school, going to work, and working on a girth, I decided to make something for my mare. Since I have a western saddle, western should come first. So I decided to make a pop the balloon prop for her(she needs a name!).
So I grabbed my plastic/fake grapes. I use these for balloons since reading about them on a dollhouse website. They're cheaper and you get more. Plus no shipping! And they're really flexible.

So I painted them and dyed the wood (my friend Lizzie of Blue Spring Stables first had the idea of dyeing the wood, since it wouldn't get as dirty as white).

And glued them onto the wood.

I took it a step farther and made a stablemate sized one.
Glue will dry clear, so not worries there!

Next step of performance: dolls
Tiny dolls.

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