Sunday, September 14, 2014

Build The Barn Live

Yesterday I got to go to Build The Barn Live. It was an awesome show, and the first one held by the show holder (awesome job!).
There were some really cool halter horses.
Owned by Nina Henne

But as you know me, I love performance, so took plenty of performance pictures. There was a range of different performance things,

ranging from unrealistic stuff
My zombie set up got a first place in a  tough class!

to realistic
Owned by Niki Hertzog

Owned by Lizzie Mace

and very creative!
*gasp* all the balloons!
There was an awesome raffle

with cool items

and *gasp* I won something!
If anything belongs to you, let me know. I'll tag you! And there will be more photos coming up soon!


  1. Niki Hertzog owns the Palomino Palouse, and she made the tack.
    And I (Madelyne Hinman) made Lizzies Barrel set.

  2. I was here too! :-)

    Nina Henne owns the CM Wyatt.

    1. Yay! It was fun! :)
      Thanks, will add that info

    2. It was a lot of fun! I judged Novice Halter, and even the Novice division was competitive!