Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Make A Complicated Zombie Doll

So I'm sitting here on campus with a nice break before my next class, and I was trying to come up with a post that wasn't so college-y. Eureka!
There will be pictures of mutilated and creepy dolls, so if you don't like or are creeped out by that stuff, this post may not be for you.

The Semi How To On Making A Complicated Zombie Doll

I love to make zombie dolls, since they are a ton of fun to make because you throw all realism out the door because, well, they're zombies. So when making a zombie doll, you literally can not mess up. There are no rules because zombies are not real. 
Last year, I made a how-to on making a simple zombie doll. I followed the same first couple of steps, like making the eyes sink into the head .

 That's when this how-to took a different turn.
I used this tool (whatever it's called, but it's found in the jewelry section),
 to cut chunks out of the zombie's face.

Then I dremeled the plastic hair off of the doll's head. It looks pretty sad, doesn't it?

I filled in the holes I created (or accidently created) by sticking modeling paste into it. It leaves a rough surface instead of the scar being clean, which could happen with using apoxie. Plus, it dries fast, which works for the very impatient me.

After that, I gave the whole face a base coat of acrylic paint (Fawn). As with every project, the doll will go through an extremely ugly stage.

Then I followed closely to my last how-to in using pastels to shade.

 I added the black, the fake blood, and such. Painted the eyes with a rim of pink on the outside.

Then came the hairing. 
When I was small and haired my first breyer horse from the hairing kit, it looked horrible. 
But that same technique is how I haired the doll.
I took a swatch of the hair, dipped the tip in glue, and rolled it in my fingers so that it came together into a tip and stuck it to the doll's head. Go from the out
side and work yourself forward, but only if that's how you want the hair to be.
The final picture of this lovely guy.

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