Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Acting Like A 5 Year Old Over Kinetic Sand

When I was small-ish, there would be commercials 24/7 about a substance called Moon Sand(I was shocked to google it and see that it is around still). It was advertised as being sand you can mold. I never got any but thought it was cool.
Like most things (like Furbies) the high comes and goes and years later a similar product comes out (Furbies will always be creepy to me.)
Kinetic sand is the new moon sand. I don't have a clear memory of playing with moon sand but for the past couple of months, Michaels has been tempting me with the sand by having it right at checkout. And they had it open so that you could play with it.
Today when I went to Michaels it wasn't on sale anymore( the sale took 1 dollar off) and now could use the much better coupon on it! So of course the only logical thing was to buy 2 lbs of it.

It's a wonderful substance that doesn't even feel like sand to me. It's better than actual sand because it doesn't make a mess. So yes, I was a 5 year old in gleeful play land with this stuff.

It holds its shape well. It you smash it together into a ball, it will hold its shape well. But once you press hard into it, it will lose its shape and flatten out.
My sister made a turtle out of it.

And it plays nice with models of the horse variety and other kinds of miniature animals.

 The good thing with this(2 lbs) is that it is enough to cover a traditional size area.

So in review:
If you show performance and use sand, coffee grinds, or footing I would recommend this. It is easy to clean up, so you wouldn't have to worry about a mess( I played with it on the dining table, which in terms of crafts is not allowed. But Kinetic sand didn't leave a mess on it). Kinetic sand holds its shape and is in scale.


  1. Now I might need some. You have a carrick! Lucky! I really want bone fete at breyerfest so I hope he's not like last years mare and foal set even though I got one anyways.

    1. It's funny. I got my Carrick last year by trading a Aatte Appy Roxy for him. I really want a Bone Fete too.